armas de pressão de ar / Gamo airgun spares / Ersatzteile Gamo

Terms and Conditions

The "Loja de Armas ( The Weapons Store ) is dedicated to the purchase and sale of over-the-counter items for people over 18 years of age: Air Pressure Weapons, CO2, PCP, PCA, class "G", as well as class "E" / "items F" (electroshocks and defense/cutlery sprays).

We also negotiate most accessories for sports, recreational and competition shooting: Pellets/Projectiles, Telescopic Sights, Red Dot/RGB Dot, LASER Sights, LED Flashlights, Holsters, Slings/Pouches, Briefcases, Parts and Accessories.

Items in Classes E and F can only be sold to individuals with a license.

Class G items can only be sold to people over 18 years of age.

When purchasing our Class E, F and G items, the customer must send, as an attachment to our email, a scan of their ID card. or Citizen Card, as well as the following data:

- Nationality; Country and City of Birth, Telephone and/or Mobile number and address/residence and shipping address if different from the residence.

- In the case of weapons of classes E and F, you must also attach a copy of the Weapon Use and Carry License for the class in question and purchase authorization, if applicable.

Shipments will only be made by the carrier contracted by Loja de Armas and shipping costs will be charged, which may vary depending on weight and volume.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and are calculated based on the freight charged by the carrier and, in exceptional cases, handling and packaging costs may be charged.

In the event of manufacturing and/or material defects, within the warranty period, the customer must have the item duly packaged at our facilities by a carrier to be agreed between seller and buyer, in some cases only CTT and/or CTT Expresso are acceptable.