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Gamo Revolver CO2 PR 776 .177in

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Gamo - Revolver PR 776 .177in - Full Metal

This is a GAMO PR-776 CO2 pellet revolver. Extremely realistic “full metal” and has won a huge following. Powered by one 12 gr CO2 cartridge is a real revolver mechanism, single- or double-action. The swing-out cylinder holds an easy rotatory magazine with 8 shoots. When you've shot all 8 pellets, use the gun's ejector rod to push out all the magazine and put a new magazine like speedloader. The rear sight is fully adjustable and all-weather black silicon finished grip. You might see a significant increase in accuracy the GAMO PR-776 has a 6" rifled steel barrel. This is a great revolver for shooting tin cans, plinking, hitting spinners and more.
  • Vo = 125m seg /  410 fps = 3,8 Joule
  • over 60 shots per cylinder of co2


  • full+metal
  • balon


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